"Happy Independence Day! 4th of July"


Welcome to the Philippine Children's Fund of America (PCFA) new web page. We hope that through this simple webpage you will get all the necessary information you need in order to know who we are and the things we do for the people we serve and especially our environmental programs! We had our humble beginning in August 21, 1991 with the simple desire to provide basic programs for needy children especially Amer-Asians left out from the closure of Clark Air Force Base in Angeles due to the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

Our desire to share our passion and care to these children led to many other children who are just as needy as our original target clients. The unfortunate colossal calamity from the Mt. Pinatubo eruption gave us the opportunity to get the support of many caring Americans especially the Filipinos in the USA.

Immediately, we started sending goods (clothes, toys, foods and other) we collected from different schools, churches, companies and organizations. Funds we collected from generous individuals allowed us to work with groups and communites in the Philippines to serve meals and distribute food needed by the people.

Today, after more than 22 years the Philippine Children's Fund of America is energized with renewed hope and excitement in providing better programs and services that involves the participation of our clients to help break the dole-out system through its "Work for Food Program" focusing on helping save the environment. while giving the needy the opportunity to help themselves. Giving is more fun with Philippine Children's Fund because its two in one, its about building better lives and stronger communities...   Join Us Today!