About Us

What We Do

In the past we have provided almost every kind of services and materials to help address the needs many individuals we served directly and others served by our partner church-runned NGOs all over the Philippines (please see lists).

While we admire and feels humbled with the work of many agencies serving the needy, we have decided to switch gear to more realistic services that address the needs of the families in the community by providing lasting and sustainable programs.

We are very proud to partner with Paradise Ranch located in the sub zone of Clark Economic Zone (former Clark US Air Force Base) in promoting enviromental programs. More than 450 thousand trees are now planted by the people we support through our work program while more than half a million students have been educated through lectures and actual tree planting program as part of our commitment to promote the rehabilitation of the environment to help save the future of the different communities in the country.

Please visit Paradise Ranch webpage: www.paradiseranchofclark.com